Hot Sauce really
brings the fire

Harbourside hum, beats buzzing within. Where Wellington ‘tude is amplified by an international aura, welcome to Hot Sauce bar and eatery.

It’s the kind of place where Tokyo taste lives happily alongside Singapore sling. Borrowing from Bangkok, flavours stolen from Seoul. Inspiration extracted from all across Asia, this is a deliberate departure from authentic. A tangle of taste that’s just downright delicious.

Every evening lit as red-hot as you like. Simmer down in the lounge or perch barside for an extra bang of wanderlust. From Japanese whisky to Tiger on tap, sizzling sundowners are always on the menu. And Friday feasts are set to DJ repeats.

Woks on the wild side, we’re all fired up for fun. Come on into the electric eclectic.

Private Events

If you really want to party, we’ll give you a party. Is a bar takeover out of the question for your next gathering? It shouldn’t be. Who are you closest 180 friends? Hot Sauce can host up to 180 guests for private events cocktail style.

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