Case of the Mondays? Hump Day hangover? From ‘Chews-day’ to Fri-yay, we’ve got some killer daily deals for you. An ideal antidote to the Sunday Scaries, you’ll be looking forward to the midweek with off-the-menu ramen, sashimi and sake specials, plus our iconic K-fry and Cuvée offer. Then, by the time the weekend rolls by, we have cocktail specials to get you in the mood for date night, dancing or just plain decompressing.

Pencil it in and circle the date, this is your new daily ritual.

Tuesday: Hot Sauce Ramen

This off-the-menu offer comes courtesy of our chef’s boundless creativity. Slurp your way through pork or vegetable varieties for a comforting bowl of umami goodness, $19.

Wednesday: Sashimi & Sake

Fresh salmon sashimi and a 120ml carafe of Shuchikubai Gokai for $39. The creamy texture and hint of floral jasmine in our chosen sake pairs perfectly with the richness of fresh salmon.

Thursday: K-fry and Cuvée

Indulge in the high-low delight of cuvée and cluck, with two glasses of Mumm and a bowl of Korean fried chicken for $32. A sommelier-approved pairing that’s designed for sharing, or just for you…

Friday: 2 for $30 Cocktails

Toast to the week’s end with two signature cocktails for $30. Cocktails must be the same, no mixing and matching – you’ll have to wait ‘til your next round for that.

Saturday: 2 for $30 cocktails

Date night done right, we’re extending two signature cocktails for $30. Each pair of cocktails must be the same, we’re ethically monogamous here.